Astrological Birth Chart Calculator

Birth Chart Calculator

Enter your exact date, time, and place of birth in the “Comprehensive Detailed Birth Chart” calculator below to get your birth chart right now.

Print or save your chart by right clicking on it after it appears and following the instructions in the drop-down menu that comes up after you right click.

NOTE: This calculator uses a 24-hour clock. If your birth time is after noon, be sure to convert the time by adding 12 hours For example, if you were born at 2:56 p.m., you would add 2:56 + 12 = 14:56 and then enter 14:56 in the “Time of Birth” section of the calculator.

Also, this calculator is designed to work in all browsers and with all mobile devices. If you get an error message at any time, be sure to clear your cache and check your settings; for questions, contact your device’s manufacturer.

Other Astrology Services: Online Reports to Interpret Your Birth Chart

Once you have your birth chart, you may be interested in getting more information by having the chart interpreted. You can select from three inexpensive interpretive reports:

Check out these astrology report samples to see which report is best for you.

NOTE: Planet and zodiac charts in this section created using Sirius astrological software. Online interpretive reports provided through Cosmic Patterns Software, Inc.

Sun & Moon blue watercolor painting (detail) by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Major Life Themes Natal Report: a short list of key areas of focus in your life

Sun & Moon blue watercolor painting (detail) by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Indra Natal Report: a comprehensive review of  your chart

Heart oil painting (detail) by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Cosmo Compatibility Report: a short evaluation comparing two people’s charts (requires exact birth date, time, and place for BOTH individuals)

Glorious Sunrise oil painting (detail) by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

How to Begin Reading Your Chart

After you supply your information, a page displaying your birth chart will appear:

Chicago mayor Harold Washington birth chart

Learn more about your chart by scrolling over the different symbols; as your cursor hovers over a symbol, you will see the data in the little box above your chart change.

Mayor Harold Washington birth chart

To learn more about the sign, planet, or house listed in the little box, just double click the symbol your cursor is on, and the little box will expand to give you a detailed explanation:

Harold Washington, Chicago mayor, astrological birth chart

When you’ve finished reading about that symbol, click the orange triangle at the top right of the information box (or click the orange “reduce” button at the bottom of the box) to close the box so you can scroll over another symbol and get more information.

See these Zodiac Signs and Planet Symbols tables to start getting familiar with the symbols in your chart:

Zodiac Signs & Planet Symbols tables to help you begin reading your birth chart
For example, look in your chart for the circle with a dot in it (the astrological symbol for the Sun). Now see what symbol appears next to it within the circle of your chart and then see the “Zodiac Signs” table above to see what sign your Sun occupies. You also can use these tables to see what signs the other planets occupied when you were born.

Current Planet Positions

You might find it helpful to know where the planets are at this moment so you can compare these transiting positions (or “transits”) to the positions in your birth chart. The table below shows this information and even includes the Moon’s current phase.

As an example, take note if a given planet below is in the same sign and degree as a planet in your birth chart. In that case, the energy of the transiting planet will create a powerful effect by combining its energies with those of the birth planet.

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