Sun Enters Sagittarius Nov. 22: Get Ready for Fun!


We’ll get a double dose of the fiery Archer’s energies when the Sun and Moon meet in this adventurous sign November 22. This is a great time to set new intentions, seek the meaning of life–and simply have more fun!

Welcome to Sagittarius time! The Sun leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on Saturday, November 22, at 3:39 a.m. CST (9:39 a.m. GMT). It will remain there until December 21 (or December 22, depending on your time zone).

No matter what your sign, you have Sagittarius somewhere in your astrological birth chart, so you’re affected by this change. Also, by “following the Sun”—that is, by paying attention to where the Sun is each month and aligning yourself with the current sign’s energies—you automatically put yourself in perfect harmony with the season, the stars, and your inner self.

Double Dose of Sagittarius: Moon Meets Sun Nov. 22

As the zodiac’s most optimistic sign, thanks to its big and jolly ruler, Jupiter, Sagittarius typically loves what’s big and showy and meaningful. This year, all those traits come into play right at the start of this sign: not only does the Sun barge in to fiery Sagittarius tomorrow, but the Moon rolls into the sign of the Archer on November 22 as well. In fact, the Moon will line up exactly with the Sun at 6:33 a.m. CST (12:33 p.m. GMT), giving us a new Moon in Sagittarius and a powerful double dose of this sign’s energies. That makes this weekend an excellent time to set new intentions related to all things Sagittarian.

Get Ready for Fun and Adventure

With so much Sagittarius energy available, we’re all likely to feel the call to adventure and a desire to be on the go and out having fun. With the winter holidays on the horizon, this is a good time to enjoy friends, parties, and new experiences. It’s also a great time to feel your inner optimism grow and your spirit of generosity expand.

By next month, though, you may feel your energies start to slow down. Sagittarius’s ruler, Jupiter, will go retrograde on December 8 (meaning it will appear to be moving backwards in the sky, as seen from Earth). This suggests our best course is to enjoy outward activities early in the month of Sagittarius (so finish your shopping early!) so we’re ready to slow down a bit after the first week of December.

Go Within to Seek Higher Meaning

As of December 8, set aside time to be at home so you can be alone with your thoughts. Despite the rush of the upcoming holidays, take time for prayer and meditation. Sagittarius is the great philosopher of the zodiac, inviting us to contemplate the meaning of life, our place in the world, and the wisdom we have gained over the past year.

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Follow the Sun astrology book

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You can make the most of this month by checking out the Sagittarius chapter in Follow the Sun: A Simple Way to Use Astrology for Living in Harmony. This full-color astrology and art book gives you all the information you need about every sign and includes a special profile of a notable person for each sign to help inspire your dreams for your own life. It also includes the Sagittarius painting shown above (and paintings for all the signs), so you can harmonize with any sign at a glance. A color-coded box at the beginning of each chapter gives you all the details you need for each sign: zodiac dates, planet, symbol, asociations, and opportunities.

Where to Buy Follow the Sun

Follow the Sun is available from the publisher at a special discounted price of $36.95. It also is available at, Barnes & Noble, and numerous other booksellers, or you may order the book through your local bookstore. For international orders and for other stores, distributors, and websites that carry Follow the Sun, see our list of online retailers.

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Astrology of Halloween Podcast Now Up

Anne Nordhaus-Bike and Frank Fontana on WGN Radio

Anne Nordhaus-Bike and Frank Fontana on WGN Radio. Photo courtesy Caitlin Fry.

Once again, callers jammed the lines during Anne’s appearance on the Frank Fontana Show on WGN Radio this past Sunday afternoon. The show featured several guests talking about all things Halloween, including Anne and Frank chatting about how astrology fits in with home and Halloween and taking calls from listeners.

“Anne is one of our regular guests, and when she comes on, people just go crazy because she just nails it!” Fontana said. “And today we’re talking to Anne because Halloween stirs things up and gets energies moving. So if you have things going on in your life or inside your home, and you’re wondering ‘Why is this happening Continue reading

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Anne Returns to WGN Oct. 26: The Astrology of Halloween

Astrology of Halloween on WGN Radio Oct. 26

Tune in WGN Radio October 26 to find out the astrology of Halloween during Anne’s next appearance on the Frank Fontana show. Listen online from anywhere in the world at:

Did you know astrology provides many insights into Halloween and its traditions?

Anne will return to WGN Radio AM 720 Chicago this Sunday, October 26, to talk about the astrology of Halloween on the Frank Fontana Show, airing from 1 to 3 p.m.

NOTE: You can convert this time in Chicago to the local time in your area, instantly, with this time zone converter:

Halloween, Scorpio, and Endings

Halloween always comes during the Scorpio time of year, and Anne will talk about Continue reading

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Time Management With Astrology – Follow the Sun!

Anne Nordhaus-Bike will talk about time management with astrology at the Oct. 16 WIM3 meeting in McHenry, Illinois

The networking and mentoring organization WIM3 (Women in McHenry County) will welcome Anne to its Oct. 16 business breakfast to share tips on handling time management with astrology.

Women in McHenry County (WIM3) will welcome Anne as the featured guest at its monthly business breakfast meeting, 3rd Thursday Talks, on Thursday, October 16. During the program, Anne will share practical yet inspiring ways to improve time management with astrology, both personally and professionally.

For example, Anne will share how “following the Sun” can be your most powerful tool for time management. Simply knowing your Sun sign and the signs of the most important people in your life can Continue reading

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Equinox Arrives September 22: Are You Ready?

Libra Glyph

Each astrological sign has two major symbols: an animal, person, or object that indicates key qualities or strengths as well as a glyph or written symbol that hints at deeper meanings. Libra’s glyph portrays a horizon line with setting Sun. Libra Glyph, watercolor on paper, © Anne Nordhaus-Bike.

The Sun enters Libra this Monday, September 22, at 9:30 p.m. CDT (Tuesday, September 23, at 2:30 a.m. GMT). This annual event brings one of the year’s two equinoxes, when day and night are of equal length; like the solstices in June and December, the equinoxes offer turning points and powerful energies that usher in new seasons.

In the northern hemisphere, Libra time brings autumn, while in the southern hemisphere it brings springtime. Regardless of which season we experience, Libra’s energies offer Continue reading

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Clean Up Your Home and Inner Life: Virgo and Latest WGN Radio Astrology Podcast

Anne Nordhaus-Bike Astrology on WGN Radio

Anne returned to Frank Fontana’s top-rated show on WGN Radio on August 23 to share how astrology–especially Virgo’s energy–can help us get rid of clutter.

Has your house or your life gotten a bit cluttered over the summer? Do you feel the urge to clean up and clear out these days? If so, you’re right on schedule with current astrology.

Find out why and what you can do to clean up your life and your home with the podcast from WGN Radio’s “Design Dude” show from Saturday, August 23. During the show, host Frank Fontana welcomed Anne to talk about current astrology and how to use Virgo energy to improve your life and straighten up your home.

“The kids are going back to school, the house is a mess,” Fontana said during the show. “In talking with lots of parents, it seems like there’s a big, cluttered block going on. Life has been crazy Continue reading

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