Spring Astrology Podcast Now Up

Hear Anne Nordhaus-Bike's spring astrology podcast from her appearance with Frank Fontana on WGN Radio

Hear why March will bring such powerful astrology–and how to make the most of it–with Anne’s spring astrology podcast from her latest WGN Radio appearance.

Anne returned to the Frank Fontana Show on WGN Radio yesterday to talk about the major astrology that’s coming later this month and in early April. Her spring astrology podcast from the show is now up on the WGN Radio website.

Throughout the program, she and host Frank Fontana discussed why this time of year is so powerful and how to use its energies to improve our lives. They also took many calls and texts from listeners and shared simple ideas for overcoming stressful times and welcoming in better times.

Why This Month Is So Powerful

“Every year, we start a brand new spiritual and astrological year in March,” Anne explained. “This happens around March 20, when the Sun enters Aries. That’s the first sign of the zodiac, and it’s the start of a new year for all of us. This year, the Sun will go into Aries on March 20 at 5:46 p.m. U.S. central time.”

March 2015 will be even more powerful than usual, however. “Since 2012, we’ve been forced to adapt and change because of the ongoing series of tough alignments between the outer planets Uranus and Pluto,” said Anne. “The last of seven alignments happens this month, on March 16, so the energies will be very high as we lead up to that time.” For more on Uranus square Pluto, see the complete series on this major astrology here: http://anbcommunications.com/blog/uranus-square-pluto-part-six-almost-there/ (NOTE: This link goes to the most recent article; at the end are links to all five earlier articles.)

How to Make the Most of This Month

Once again, callers jammed the lines and sent in numerous texts during the show. While talking with callers and answering texts, Anne talked about current planetary placements and key dates when planets—and energies—will shift. Also, she and Frank shared several ideas with listeners about the power of thought and how to shift from difficult energies to a more positive and hopeful life.

As Anne told one caller, “We have the Sun in Pisces right now. So if you can focus spiritually and pay attention to your dreams—what is your dearest dream that you would love to see?—if you do the visualizing now, you’re going to be so strong when the planets and energies change in April.”

Hear the Podcast Now

Get all the details on this month and hear much more astrology for many more signs with the show podcast, now available on the WGN Radio website, http://wgnradio.com/2015/03/01/balance-your-energy-your-life-with-guest-anne-nordhaus-bike/

Happy listening!

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Spring Astrology – Join Anne LIVE March 1 on WGN Radio

Anne Nordhaus-Bike to join Frank Fontana on WGN Radio March 1

Join Anne for her special spring astrology show with Frank Fontana on WGN Radio this Sunday, March 1, at noon Chicago time.

The end of March and early April are going to bring some big spring astrology energies.

You can get all the details—and special tips to prepare for all the opportunities coming your way—this Sunday, March 1, when Anne returns to WGN Radio host Frank Fontana’s popular afternoon program. The show airs on WGN Radio AM 720, and you can listen on radio in the Chicago area or listen anywhere in the world online at http://wgnradio.com/on-air/.

Take Note: Special Time for This Special Show!

On March 1, Fontana’s show will start one hour earlier than usual, at 12:00 noon Chicago time. Anne will be joining Frank at the show’s start, so be sure to tune in on time to hear Continue reading

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Astrological Year 2015: New Hope, Lighter Energies

Astrology Year 2015 Janus graphic (1)Welcome to January 2015. This month takes its name from the ancient Roman god Janus, who had one head with two faces, one that looked back to the past and the other that looked forward to the future. This image gives us a perfect metaphor to inspire the early days of January, when we often feel drawn to review the past as we set plans for the future. It also reminds us this is a perfect time to begin thinking about the astrological year ahead.

Several major energies will be in play during this astrological year 2015, along with some big changes in planetary placements that will affect us all. In general, 2015 promises to restore our hope after the past few difficult years. It also will lighten our spirits with gentler, more constructive energies—and lighten our burdens Continue reading

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Winter Solstice Astrology Podcast Now Up

Winter Solstice astrology with Anne Nordhaus-Bike on WGN Radio

Anne joined Frank Fontana yesterday, the very date of this year’s Winter Solstice, for a special winter solstice astrology segment on Frank’s popular WGN Radio show. Hear the podcast now–and see how to create peace in your life, no matter what challenges the holidays may bring!

Anne returned to the Frank Fontana Show on WGN Radio yesterday—the exact day of the Solstice—to talk about what the Solstice is, how it affects us all, and how to relieve stress at this often challenging time of year.

Throughout the program, she and host Frank Fontana discussed winter solstice astrology. They also took many calls from listeners and shared several simple ideas for overcoming holiday stress and creating peace in your life and your home.

What is the Solstice?

“The December Solstice is Continue reading

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Winter Solstice – Join Us 12/21 for Solstice Astrology on WGN Radio

Winter Solstice astrology with Anne Nordhaus-Bike on WGN Radio

Join Anne and Frank Fontana on this year’s Winter Solstice, Dec. 21, for a special astrology segment on Frank’s WGN Radio show.

The Solstice is coming! The Solstice is coming!

Winter Solstice arrives this Sunday, December 21, at 5:04 p.m. CST in the U.S. (11:04 p.m. Greenwich time). And for those in the southern hemisphere, this day brings the Summer Solstice.

To celebrate this special “power day,” WGN Radio host Frank Fontana has invited Anne to return to his show this Sunday, December 21. The show airs on WGN Radio AM 720 from 1 to 3 p.m. Chicago time.

NOTE: You can convert this time in Chicago to the local time in your area, instantly, with this time zone converter: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Listen live on your radio if you’re in the Chicago metro area, or listen online Continue reading

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Uranus Square Pluto Part Six: Almost There!

Uranus Square Pluto Part Six Graphic (1)

The Uranus square Pluto alignment that’s turned out lives upside down since mid-2012 is nearing its end. December 14 brings the sixth of seven exact squares between these two powerful planets.

The ongoing Uranus square Pluto formation that has been shaking up our lives since mid-2012 intensifies this month when these two powerhouse outer planets move into the sixth of seven exact alignments occurring from June 2012 through March 2015.

All this time, Uranus and Pluto have sat about 90 degrees away from each other, forming a difficult angle called a square in astrology. When they become precisely 90 degrees apart, their square relationship is said to be “exact.” We will experience the sixth exact square at Continue reading

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