Moon and Sun watercolor just released

Moon and Sun watercolor © Anne Nordhaus-Bike

ANB Communications has just released Anne’s Moon and Sun watercolor painting as cards and posters, to coincide with this year’s current shift from lunar Cancer to solar Leo. Moon and Sun, watercolor on paper. © Anne M. Nordhaus-Bike. All rights reserved.

A SPECIAL NOTE TO OUR READERS: As regular readers of our blog and newsletter are aware, this month’s astrology is bringing us a larger than usual shift from Cancer to Leo because the planet Jupiter has just ended its one-year tour of Cancer and entered Leo for a 13-month stay. Jupiter’s change of signs came July 16, just before the Sun’s annual shift out of Cancer and into Leo, which will occur on July 22. The last time Jupiter and the Sun both moved into Leo so close on each other’s heels was 1931, when they entered Leo just six days apart. So we have the best opportunity we’ve had in 83 years to experience the combination of solar and lunar cycles and energies and really feel what this means for us, both personally and in the world at large.

Anne’s Moon and Sun watercolor painting symbolizes this annual solar shift as well as the essence of astrology and our spiritual purpose. For these reasons, we have decided to release this painting to the public by making it available as cards and posters through our online fine arts store. Having your own copy of this image can help you bring astrology into your daily life while giving you a powerful tool for meditation. Read on to learn more about the deep meaning and mystical significance behind this beautiful work of art.

Moon and Sun watercolor “the essence of astrology”

Moon and Sun watercolor card © Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Moon and Sun cards come in three sizes: 5.6 by 4 inches, 7 by 5 inches, and 11 by 8.5 inches.

This watercolor depicts the essence of astrology in a single, simple symbol. Painted in watercolor on pristine, cold-pressed paper, it sums up key astrological and spiritual concepts and offers a living symbol of our true purpose.

At left sits the tranquil, silver Moon against a swirling, dark blue sky, and at right sits the vibrant, golden Sun against a clear, light blue sky. In astrology, the two most important heavenly bodies are the Sun and the Moon. Also called the luminaries, they offer a living pageant of light: the Sun shines perpetually, sharing light freely with all creation, while the Moon reflects that light in varying amounts, depending on the lunar phase. In an astrological chart, the Sun’s sign and location indicate how an individual “shines her light,” while the Moon’s sign and location indicate what an individual needs so he can feel safe, emotionally secure, and at home in the world.

Moon and Sun watercolor poster © Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Moon and Sun is available as a poster in several sizes and many types of paper.

Moon and Sun form a unity…like us

Part of our task lies in integrating our astrological Sun and Moon so that we balance thinking with feeling, giving with receiving, and doing with resting. The tranquil, happy expressions on both the Moon and the Sun in this painting hint at the peace and joy that come to us when we achieve balance.

In this painting, the Moon and Sun form a unity because they have been fused together while still retaining their individual uniqueness and appearance. The night sky at left and the day sky at right also form a unity: although one is dark and one is light, both are blue and both have tiny areas of unpainted paper that let the white paper show through to suggest the pure and dazzling light that exists in the spiritual world and gives birth to the material world. In addition, the paint on each side has swirled and pooled: on the night side at left, this effect suggests the universe’s abundant stars and cloudy nebulae, and on the day side these variations suggest clouds and the full spectrum of “sky blue” we see at different times, on different days, in different weather.

The 12 rays, astrology, and alchemy

Moon and Sun watercolor poster © Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Moon and Sun is available framed, with either a standard 100% wood frame or a fully handmade custom frame.

Together, the Moon and Sun send forth 12 rays. These coincide with the mystical number 12, which can be found in astrology’s 12 zodiac signs. Half these rays are silver and come forth from the Moon, while half are gold and come forth from the Sun. In astrology, half the zodiac signs represent the earth and water elements and are therefore receptive like the Moon; the other half of the signs represent the air and fire elements and are therefore active like the Sun.

This polarity or duality also comes through in astrology’s lunar and solar symbolism. The Moon rules the sign Cancer and is associated with women, mothers, childhood, memories, and deep sensitivity.The Sun rules the sign Leo and is associated with fathers, the inner child, creativity, and generosity. Together, humanity is both female and male, a cosmic unity of Moon and Sun.

Finally, this painting carries deep alchemical symbolism. The Moon is painted in shades of gray and blue along with silver, the metal associated with Cancer and the Moon. The Sun is painted in shades of yellow and orange as well as gold, the metal associated with Leo and the Sun. In our spiritual lives, these metals remind us of the need to purify ourselves so that we shine with pure silver and gold in all our thoughts, words, and actions.

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Astrology July 2014: Out of Darkness, Into Light

Moon and Sun watercolor © Anne Nordhaus-Bike

The Moon rules Cancer and is associated with night, while the Sun rules Leo and is associated with day. This month, we will experience the annual shift in emphasis from Cancer to Leo and from night to day in a dramatic way because giant Jupiter also is moving from Cancer into Leo, where it will travel for 13 months. Moon and Sun watercolor © Anne Nordhaus-Bike.

Have you felt extra emotional or anxious since the Solstice on June 21? Have issues or feelings from the past surfaced in your life or in the lives of your family and friends? Do you have a sense that something is shifting both within yourself and in the outside world?

If so, you are feeling the annual effects of the Sun’s movement through the astrological sign Cancer, which is ruled by the tender, changeable Moon and is associated with night. Yet this year’s Cancer time brings us something more: as of Saturday, July 12, we will enter an energetic tunnel for the next two weeks that will help us move “out of darkness, into light” as we make our way from Cancer to Leo.

So if you’ve been feeling depleted or tired and wondering when spirits will brighten and things will change for the better, know that Continue reading

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‘Unclog Your Spiritual Drain’ with Latest WGN Radio Astrology Podcast

Hear the podcast from Anne Nordhaus-Bike's July 5 astrology segment on WGN Radio

“Design Dude” Frank Fontana brought in Anne to talk about his personal astrology—and flooded basement.

This month, it’s personal.

If you’ve felt more emotional than usual, and you’ve been taking things more personally than you typically do, then you’re right in line with current astrological energies. You also may be feeling a bit stuck, as if your spiritual drains are a bit clogged.

Find out why these feelings have come up and what you can do about them with the podcast from WGN Radio’s “Design Dude” show from Saturday, July 5. During the show, host Frank Fontana welcomed Anne to talk about current astrology and how to handle challenging life events and emotions.

“A lot of things have been happening for people I talk to in my design practice and even in my own home,” Fontana said during the show. “Things are kind of weird, like there’s Continue reading

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July 2014 Astrology: ‘Unclogging Your Spiritual Drain’ on WGN Radio, 7/5

Anne Nordhaus-Bike returns to WGN Radio, talking about July's astrology, on 7/5

Anne returns to WGN Radio July 5 to talk about July 2014 astrology on Frank Fontana’s top-rated show.

Has your emotional life been particularly intense in the past two weeks? Have you faced sudden changes that forced you to deal with difficulties at home, at work, or with family members? Has anything in your emotional or spiritual life or in your home or relationships felt stuck, slowed down, or clogged in any way?

If so, then your experience is in line with current astrology. Find out more about what’s happening in the skies and hear how to navigate tricky emotional waters by “unclogging your spiritual drain” this Saturday, July 5, when Anne returns to Frank Fontana’s “Design Dude” show on WGN Radio AM 720 Chicago.

July 2014 Astrology a ‘Backsplash’ of Last Year’s Watery Energies

“Last year was the ‘year of feeling,’” Anne explained. “In 2013, we had many planets in water signs and many challenging planetary alignments, bringing us extremely high emotions that felt almost unbearable Continue reading

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2014 Solstice Preview Event A Success: Photo Album Just Posted

Anne Nordhaus-Bike presenting at WEE 2014 Solstice preview event

Anne’s 2014 Solstice preview drew a full house. See the photo album by clicking the picture here or using the links in this blog post.

Anne’s 2014 Solstice preview attracted a full house last night at Peaceful Parlour, an eco-chic boutique in Geneva, Illinois’s historic downtown that offers innovative and sustainable products for all ages. The event was sponsored by Women Engaged and Educated (WEE), a women’s group hosted by Wells Fargo Advisors.

This special WEE event, entitled Take Care of Yourself: Why Summer Solstice 2014 Is This Year’s Best Time for “Taking Care,” attracted a lively group of women seeking tips on relieving stress and creating balance. During her presentation, Anne shared details on Continue reading

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WGN Astrology Podcast ‘Mercury Retrograde: Slow Down for Summer’ Now Up

Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike on WGN Radio with Frank Fontana

Callers waited patiently 5/31 for a chance to talk with Anne on WGN Radio. The podcast for the show is now available. Listen on iTunes or online at WGN’s website.

Callers started phoning in to WGN Radio AM 720 on May 31 more than 30 minutes before Anne came on the air on Frank Fontana’s “Design Dude” program.

“Anne is our resident astrologer,” Fontana said. “Our lines fill up really quick [whenever she’s on] because we get so many calls coming in. Anne is kind of like Roto-Rooter, in a spiritual sense. If you want to get the stars read to see what’s been clogging you, and you need some unplugging, she can get you on a path to clarity.”

During the show, Frank and Anne focused on current astrology, especially the upcoming Mercury retrograde, Continue reading

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