How can astrology help me make spiritual progress?

Just like our astrological birth charts, which show a wheel divided into 12 sections, each year of our lives is a wheel or circle created by the Sun as it journeys through the 12 signs of the zodiac. During a lifetime, we have multiple opportunities to make this symbolic journey through the signs, deepening our experience of each sign with every passing year.

Astrology chart for Jane Addams

Astrological birth chart for social work leader Jane Addams

Sometimes, we may feel stuck on that wheel, repeating the same mistakes and facing the same challenges year after year. Yet if we can stay conscious of this yearly cycle, we have the opportunity to transform our inner experience from a wheel that seems to simply go ’round and ’round to an upward spiral that reflects real and lasting spiritual progress. Embarking on this symbolic spiral means paying attention to our experience of a given sign’s energies during the month the Sun occupies that sign and then making constructive choices that take advantage of the sign’s opportunities. With awareness, we can overcome errors more readily and tap creative solutions to life’s challenges.

In addition to its tangible, practical help for everyday life, astrology provides a beautiful set of symbols that speak directly to our souls. In this way, it helps us take the great journey within, walking upon the spiritual path. Like the philosophers, mystics, and saints who have taken this universal human journey “onward and upward,” we will travel the upward spiral until we reach the end of our striving and stand upon our spiritual mountaintop.

May astrology ever inspire and beautify your journey on the great inward way.


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