When is Mercury retrograde?

Mercury Symbol

Mercury rules communication, thought, travel, and many other areas. When this planet is retrograde, we have opportunities for all things “re”: re-thinking, revising, reviewing, redoing, reworking. Click the image here to see our blog post with tips for handling Mercury retrograde–and how to apply its lessons once a retrograde ends. Mercury Symbol © ANB Communications.

Here are upcoming Mercury retrograde periods:

NOTE: Dates given here reflect Mercury’s position in relation to the U.S. central time zone. Depending on where you live (which determines your time zone), Mercury’s retrograde periods might start or end the day before or the day after the dates shown here.


January 21 – February 11

May 18 – June 11

September 17 – October 9


How to work effectively with Mercury retrograde

Whenever Mercury is retrograde (generally three times a year for about three weeks each time), we have an opportunity to re-think areas represented by the sign it occupies. Take this opportunity to slow down, go within, and review anything in your life that has brought challenges, delays, or frustrations.

You can find out what sign Mercury currently occupies with the “Current Planets” chart on our website, which appears on the Astrology: Get Your Free Birth Chart and the Astrological Birth Chart Calculator pages. On those pages, scroll down to the bottom of the right column to see the chart, which updates in real time whenever you refresh the page. There, you will find listed the current date and time (in Greenwich); below that you will see all the major planets listed. To the right of each planet’s name is the degree it currently occupies, and to the right of the degree listings you’ll find the sign each planet occupies.

If any planet in the list has a backwards capital “R” between its current degree and sign, that indicates the planet is retrograde.

To find out more about any of the astrological signs, visit our Living in Harmony newsletter archives for 2011 and 2012, which feature a special issue for every sign of the zodiac.


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