What does it mean to be living in harmony?

Living in harmony means achieving balance on all planes of your existence: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Moonrise Over Lake Michigan II oil painting

Moonrise Over Lake Michigan II, oil painting by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

On the physical level, it means creating an effective routine that promotes good health. Your personal routine might address major areas such as food, movement and exercise, and sleep. By taking good care of your body and treating it lovingly and tenderly, you create the foundation for addressing your needs on the three other planes: emotional, mental, and spiritual. You also promote strength and resilience so you can weather life’s storms and be of service to others when necessary.

On the emotional level, living in harmony means becoming aware of your emotions. Once you train yourself to understand what you really are feeling at any moment, you have the opportunity to recognize that you are not those emotions. Next, you have creative choices in how to work with your emotions: once you feel them, you gain important data about your personal truth and state of balance. Then you can make choices about how you want to respond to that data. For example, if you feel anger, you may discover that something in your life has gone seriously out of balance (you may be working too much or may need more sleep, for example) and you can take appropriate steps to restore balance. In addition, emotional harmony means cultivating positive emotions such as love, generosity, forgiveness, and gratitude. In time, you can use your emotions not only to improve your own life but to uplift others by maintaining a peaceful, constructive emotional state.

On the mental plane, living in harmony means recognizing the enormous power humans hold within their minds. Like a sword, the symbol used in tarot cards to indicate the mental realm, our minds can be powerful tools—or powerful weapons. To live in harmony, first notice your thoughts. Then realize that you are not your thoughts and you have power to choose which ones will occupy your mind. Pay attention to how certain thoughts make you feel. Next, begin to train yourself to focus your mind on constructive material by avoiding gossip and violent or unworthy thoughts; instead, focus your mind on expansive ideas such as universal peace, uplifting feelings such as love and devotion, and helpful tasks such reading a good book or completing an important project at work or at home. In time, you can use your mind not only to improve your own life by making good choices but to uplift others by maintaining a nonjudgmental, peaceful, and positive mental state.

On the spiritual plane, living in harmony means recognizing the eternal, unlimited world of the inner self or soul. To live in harmony, first acknowledge that an invisible world exists. Then allow yourself to learn about this world by noticing all the experiences you have that might be called spiritual or psychic, such as déja vu, synchronicity, precognition, awareness of prior lives, or simply an inner knowing or feeling of oneness with all creation. Next, consider how you might explore your inner world; although you might read books about spirituality or mysticism, your most important discoveries will come from your personal prayers or meditations. Resolve to make time for both on a regular basis. In time, you will not only make beautiful discoveries about your true self and worth but will be in a position to help other seekers by setting a good example and by encouraging them to embark on their own journeys within.


About Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Anne Nordhaus-Bike is president of ANB Communications. The author of the award-winning Living in Harmony astrology column for the Gazette newspaper in Chicago, she has won several journalism awards and in 1997 was added to the "Wall of Fame" of the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY. In 2011, Anne's astrology and art book, Follow the Sun: A Simple Way to Use Astrology for Living in Harmony, was published. In 2012, Anne became a featured member writer on OpEdNews.com, and her ANB Communications website won an Apex Award of Excellence from Communications Concepts, a journalism and communications think tank. Find out more by clicking the "About" link in the menu above.
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