Valentine’s Day: Opening to Universal Love

Valentine’s Day occurs on February 14 each year, when the Sun occupies Aquarius. This timing, and the holiday’s association with hearts, give us clues to this day’s deeper significance and potential.

Pastel Heart oil painting by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Pastel Heart, oil on canvas by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

In astrology, the heart is associated with Aquarius’s opposite sign, Leo. This fiery sign symbolized by the Lion comes at the height of summer in the northern hemisphere and brings us a fiery, passionate, and deeply personal energy. Leo feels strongly and can be hurt easily because it tends to take much of life quite personally; although it may display a flashing temper or roar dramatically for attention at times, Leo generally withdraws in solitude when sad or hurt in order to lick its wounds in private.

By contrast, Aquarius, an airy sign symbolized by an androgynous person holding a water vessel, comes during winter in the northern hemisphere and brings us a cool, detached, and deeply impersonal energy. Aquarius typically thinks rather than feels, making this energy useful for science or other activities requiring a dispassionate, clinical approach; in relationships, though, this ability to function unemotionally can appear cold or even hurtful to others.

Without balance, Leo is all heart and Aquarius is all head. Each needs the other, yet they remain polarized until we take the time to blend and balance them. When we do, Leo has enough detachment to love wisely, and Aquarius gains enough passion to love well.

When these two signs achieve balance they allow us to transform Valentine’s Day into an opportunity for love on a grand scale. Just imagine if we could extend the highly personal love (Leo) we feel for our dear ones on Valentine’s Day to a sense of good will toward our entire human family (Aquarius): this universal love opens our own hearts while helping uplift those who feel separate, isolated, or alienated in any way.

Love itself already is unlimited and universal, yet so often we resist its divine power and perfect nature, thinking we must reserve our kind thoughts or feelings for loved ones, friends, or people we know well. In this case, Leo and Aquarius can help us find our way to a higher, greater love…to a universal (Aquarius) love (Leo).

Like its ruler, the Sun, which shines its light freely on all creation, Leo has the potential to shine by radiating love freely to all. Simply thinking of this symbol can remind us to love universally, from our hearts (Leo). Meanwhile, Aquarius can help us overcome our tendency to keep love small or restricted to certain people because it carries a strongly universal quality and an idealistic urge to help all humanity. Simply thinking of the Aquarian Water Bearer, freely sharing the waters of wisdom to help all people, can help us universalize our love.

May these two signs blend beautifully in your life, that you may experience the joy of universal love.

Happy Valentine’s Day,


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