Fine Art Photography Cards and Posters By Sign

Moonrise Over Lake Michigan II oil painting (detail) by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Art for Scorpio/November

November Sky Through Trees photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Art for Sagittarius/December

Crabapple photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Art for Aquarius/February

Light Increasing photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Art for Capricorn/


Red Tulip I photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Art for Pisces/March

Water Lily photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Art for Aries/April

Sunny Daffodil photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike
Pink Magnolia photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Art for Taurus/May

Art for Gemini/June

Robin on Wall photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Art for Cancer/July

Celestial Crescent photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike
Summer Flowers in Turquoise Pot photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Art for Leo/August

Art for Virgo/September

Violet Chrysanthemums photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Photographs available as cards and posters

All photographs featured here are available as cards and posters through our online fine arts store.

Card Details

  1. Two Sizes:

  2. Note cards: 4" x 5.6”

  3. Greeting cards: 5” X 7”

  4. Printed in vibrant color

  5. Ultra-heavyweight card stock, gloss finish

  6. Each card comes with a white envelope

  7. No minimum order

  8. Quantity discounts starting with 10 cards

  9. To order, visit our online fine arts store

Poster Details

  1. Choice of sizes*

  2. Printed on your choice of paper or canvas

  3. Rich depth of imagery and vibrant colors

  4. Standard and custom framing available

  5. Choice of glazing

  6. No minimum order

  7. To order, visit our online fine arts store

  1. *If you choose a standard size, then standard framing is available; otherwise, framing is custom. Please note that not all standard sizes are available for every poster.

Ordering details

  1. Money back guarantee

  2. Major credit cards and PayPal accepted

  3. International orders accepted

  4. No minimum quantity required

  5. Volume discounts offered

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Water Lily photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike
During the first year of the Living in Harmony astrology and art newsletter, we posted one of Anne’s photographs and one of her paintings each month to help readers harmonize with that month’s astrological sign or season.

Here are all 12 of the original photographs, one for each astrological/calendar month. You can use these images every month, of every year, to help align yourself with the current astrological and seasonal energies:

  1. As the Sun enters a new sign each month, take some time to look at the photograph associated with it; click any image below to reach the photography archive page, which provides full descriptions, larger images, and astrological/seasonal background for each photograph.

  2. During the month, reflect on how the photograph expresses the qualities associated with its zodiac sign and consider how you can express those qualities in your own life.

Chicago Skyline at Sunrise photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike





Art for Libra/October

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