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Anne learned to knit as a child and learned to crochet in the early 2000s. In recent years, she has returned to making yarn art. She frequently creates her own patterns and designs, making garments, accessories, and useful items for herself and for family and friends.

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Find out how these projects were made and see more yarn projects on Anne’s Ravelry page

NOTE: Ravelry is a free social networking website for knitters and crocheters. To view the site, simply set up an account–it’s quick and easy to set one up, and Ravelry is user driven, so e-mail contact and participation on the site are completely up to the individual.

Once you log in on Ravelry, it's easy to find Anne's textile gallery. Just click any project image shown here, and you’ll be taken directly to Anne’s project page.

As you’ll see, Ravelry is a great place for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, weavers, and dyers to keep track of their yarn, tools, project and pattern information and look to others for ideas and inspiration. It offers a handy place to keep notes about projects, see what other people are making, find patterns, and connect with people worldwide who love yarn and making things out of it.


See More of Anne’s Art

Moonrise Over Lake Michigan II oil painting by Anne Nordhaus-Bike
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Anne’s yarn art also is on Ravelry:

Check out Anne’s Ravelry page

Sagittarius watercolor painting by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

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November Harvest oil painting by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

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November Sky Through Trees photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

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Anne Nordhaus-Bike at Woman Made Gallery

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Crocheting for Scorpio/November

Glamour Scarf by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Crocheting for Sagittarius/December

Pearl Stole crocheted by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Crocheting for Capricorn/January

Valentine Shawl by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Crocheting for Aquarius/February

Crocheting for Pisces/March

Pisces Scarf by Anne Nordhaus-Bike
Pisces Scarf (detail) by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Knitting for Aries/April

Aries Sugar Cane Scarf knitted by Anne Nordhaus-Bike
Poncho crocheted by Anne Nordhaus-Bike
Pastel Multicolored Top knitted by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Knitting for Taurus/May

Crocheting for Gemini/June

Golden Bamboo Top by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Crocheting for Cancer/July

Crocheted Pink and White Angel Baby Blanket Nordhaus-Bike
Crocheted Pink Baby Hat Nordhaus-Bike
Pink and Green Crocheted Summer Purse by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Crocheting for Leo/August

Diagonal Lace Scarf by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Knitting for Virgo/September

Valentine Shawl  by Anne Nordhaus-Bike
During the first year of the Living in Harmony astrology and art newsletter, we posted one of Anne’s knit or crochet pieces here each month to help readers harmonize with that month’s astrological sign or season.

Here are all 12 of the original yarn pieces, one for each astrological/calendar month. You can use these images every month, of every year, to help align yourself with the current astrological and seasonal energies:

  1. As the Sun enters a new sign each month, take some time to look at the knit or crochet piece associated with it; click any image below to reach the knitting and crocheting archive page, which provides full descriptions, larger images, and astrological/seasonal background for each item.

  2. During the month, reflect on how the piece expresses the qualities associated with its zodiac sign and consider how you can express those qualities in your own life.

Anne Nordhaus-Bike's knitting on Ravelry

Find out more about how these projects were made and see many more photos for them on Anne’s Ravelry page.

Find out more about Ravelry in the box at top right.

Lace Ripple Shawl by Anne Nordhaus-Bike





Knitting for Libra/September

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White Magnolia Flower photograph

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Crocheting for Gemini/June

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