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Moonrise Over Lake Michigan II oil painting (detail) by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

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Sagittarius watercolor painting by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

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November Harvest oil painting by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

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November Sky Through Trees photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

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Anne Nordhaus-Bike with cat
Anne Nordhaus-Bike is president of ANB Communications. The author of the award-winning Living in Harmony astrology column for the Gazette newspaper in Chicago, she has won several journalism awards and in 1997 was added to the "Wall of Fame" of the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY.

She began her career as a business and technical writer, working at companies such as Ameritech and Dental Products Report. Later, she joined a major healthcare consulting firm, where she earned recognition as a national leader in communication and training and was one of the authors of Fundamentals of Flexible Compensation (John Wiley & Sons, 1992). She founded ANB Communications in 1993 as a business communications consulting firm, serving clients such as Accenture and Philips Medical Systems.

During these years, she also helped establish the Gazette, a Chicago community newspaper, where she served as fine arts editor for two decades. In 2006, she launched Living in Harmony, a monthly astrology column that ran for two years. She remains involved with the paper as assistant editor, member of the board of directors, and contributing writer.

Since 2002, Anne has dedicated most of her efforts to writing, astrology, art, and performance. She frequently combines her talents to create multimedia works. In recent years, Anne has focused on themes inspired by nature and by spiritual and mystical subjects.

In 2011, Anne's astrology and art book, Follow the Sun: A Simple Way to Use Astrology for Living in Harmony, was published. Follow the Sun offers a timeless, annual guide to using astrology for living in harmony with yourself, others, and nature. Starting with Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, Follow the Sun reviews each astrological sign, shares simple yet powerful ideas for making the most of that sign’s energies and opportunities, and shows how a public figure born under that Sun sign expressed its energies.

In 2012, Anne became a featured member writer on, and her ANB Communications website won an Apex Award of Excellence from Communications Concepts, a journalism and communications think tank.

In 2013, she became a featured astrology speaker for SideTour and a regular guest on Frank Fontana’s “Design Dude” show on WGN Radio to provide ideas for “Designing With the Stars.” Also that year, her Living in Harmony newsletter won an Apex Award for design and communication excellence.

Glamour Scarf by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

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Our award-winning Living in Harmony newsletter comes out on an “as inspired” basis. Besides astrology, it features Anne’s original art and writing on a variety of themes.

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Also, be sure to visit our archives, where you’ll find special issues devoted to every sign of the zodiac. Besides reviewing each sign from a spiritual and mystical perspective, archived issues present paintings and photography chosen specifically to harmonize with the month’s astrological sign or season as well as an inspiring guided meditation. Throughout each year, you can use these newsletters to “follow the Sun” and make the most of whatever sign the Sun currently occupies.

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Media Clips: 2014, January - March

Make Valentine’s Day Wonderful with Anne Nordhaus-Bike’s Astrological Tips, Feb. 13, 2014, ExpertClick and PRLog

Astrological Year 2014: Why 2014 Will Be ‘The Year of Action,’

Jan. 15, 2014, ExpertClick and PRLog

Journalism and Publishing: Make Your Mark on Printer’s Row panel discussion, University of Chicago, Taking the Next Step, Jan. 11, 2014; panel audio recording available on iTunes (see the “With the continuously...” item under “Description” column for 3/10/14) and panel video available on YouTube

Astrologer’s Article Looks at Influence of Major Planets on Living in Harmony in 2014, Jan. 08, 2014, ExpertClick and PRLog

Business Website Quotes Astrologer Anne-Nordhaus-Bike in 2014 Business Outlook Story, Jan. 06, 2014, ExpertClick and PRLog

Darkening Woods photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike published with the short story “Into the Woods” by Charlene Wexler, Will and Guy's Humour - Funny Clean Jokes website, Funny Cats Playing section, Jan. 5, 2014.

“Is There A Raise in Your Future?” article on 2014 astrology forecast quoting Anne extensively as main source, Jan. 3, 2014,

Astrologer’s Article Offers Tips on Living in Harmony in 2014, Jan. 02, 2014, PRLog and Jan. 1, 2014, ExpertClick

The ANB Communications newsletter won a 2013 Apex Award of Excellence, and our website won a 2012 Apex Award. These prestigious international awards are two of eight Apex Awards Anne has won and are among ten writing and communication awards she has earned over her career.


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Anne is listed as a spirituality expert on ExpertClick, a leading website that links experts in various topics to journalists and Google News. She also is listed in ExpertClick’s "Yearbook of Experts, Authorities, & Spokespersons."


Visit the ANB Communications press room on PRLog, a leading public relations website that distributes press releases and other media information.


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White Magnolia Flower photograph by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

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