Anne has been active in performance for many years. Her experience ranges from piano and vocal performance to public speaking and poetry recitation to acting. She also has written, directed, and produced plays and presentations. Many of Anne’s creations take advantage of her multiple talents by combining art with music, poetry, or theatre.

In the past few years, Anne has focused her work in the performing arts on spiritual and mystical subjects. Most recently, she has begun arranging and composing music and combining it with spoken word and visual art.

Mystical Music Videos and Short Films

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Hymn to Aton

Journey Within

Akhnaton, a great mystic and pharaoh who ruled Egypt in the mid-14th century BC, wrote this beautiful poem, Hymn to Aton, in homage to the Sun. For Akhnaton (known as Amenhotep IV before he changed his name), the Sun (Aton) symbolized the sole deity who gives light and joy to all creation.

Text by Akhnaton. Narration, music, paintings, photography, and video by Anne Nordhaus-Bike.

Glorious Sunrise oil painting featured in this video available as posters and cards.

Several of the flower photographs featured in this video are available as fine art reproductions and greeting cards through our online fine art store.

Journey Within’s haunting arrangement consists of variations on a 17th century French melody called Picardy, which later was used in the hymn Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent. Let this music draw you in to enter the gate of your heart. Let the paintings help you make the journey within.

Music created and produced by Anne Nordhaus-Bike. Paintings by Anne Nordhaus-Bike: Sophie's Rose, oil on canvas; Layered Heart, watercolor on paper. Layered Heart painting in this video available as posters and cards.

Moonrise Over Lake Michigan II oil painting (detail) by Anne Nordhaus-Bike

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Sonnet 73

This beautiful sonnet by Shakespeare reminds us how fleeting life is, even if we live to old age. From life's late autumn, just before reaching winter and death, the poet looks back at years of living and urges us to "love that well which thou must leave e'er long."

Narration, photographs, and video by Anne Nordhaus-Bike. Sound and video created and produced at ANB Communications, Chicago.

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Capricorn: A Meditation for the Solstice

Capricorn: A Meditation for the Solstice explores the Solstice's spiritual significance as well as the significant opportunities available to everyone when the Sun enters Capricorn each year. This 10.5-minute HD video offers a peaceful, uplifting mix of spoken word narration with music, photography, painting, and motion graphics.

Text, narration, paintings, photographs, musical arrangements, video, and motion graphics by Anne Nordhaus-Bike. Sound and video created and produced at ANB Communications, Chicago.

Astrological art featured in this video available as cards and posters.

See our selection of 18 photographs that capture nature's stillness and beauty around the time of the winter solstice, one of the most potent points of the year. All images are available as cards and posters; cards may be used to send solstice and yuletide greetings to everyone on your holiday list. They also are perfect for use as holiday cards, new year's cards, and even thank you cards.

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